The Legacy Of Martin Luther King


Martin Luther King Jr, was a Baptist minister and activist who participated, organized and crusaded the ‘civil rights movement ‘ from the 1950s till his assassination in 1968.

He was born into a family of Baptist ministers, he was one of the top performing students of his class and had several life experiences while growing up that saw him face racial segregation.

While still nurturing a hurt that occured in his childhood, Martin would discover the world for himself at age 15 when he was away and observed the mass congregation of blacks and whites at a church service while away.

He got married to Caretta Scott in 1953, and had four lovely kids with her. As a Baptist priest, Martin Luther King Jr got drawn into a case of racial discrimination.

He was made the president of the Montgomery Improvement Association, in response to the Montgomery bus incident, and due to the success of the protest he was made to lead subsequent protests against racial discrimination.

Martin Luther King was becoming very popular in the United States, his eloquence and confidence exuded drafted individuals of both races to his side. He was the face of the black lives matter movement as it is known today, he became so popular that rumours of a possible presidential participation were making the rounds.

He was jailed in Birmingham in 1963 for a demonstration he was involved in that got missed up with violence and police brutality towards the participating masses.

He was however assassinated on April 4th 1968, by a veteran sniper shooter. His death brought massive protests in over 100 cities showing the massive impact the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr had on the people.


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