Simplebks Unveils Comprehensive Inventory Management and Point of Sale Solution for Nigerian SMEs


Simplebks (a product of Simplebooks Inc.) is revolutionizing how small businesses in Nigeria, especially in trading and manufacturing, manage their operations. With an emphasis on real-time Inventory Management and Point of Sale capabilities, Simplebks offers a holistic, cloud-based platform tailored to diverse business needs.


For businesses operating multiple locations, Simplebks (also called Simplebooks) is a lifeline. The platform centralizes data and functions in one accessible interface, allowing users to switch between different locations seamlessly.


In sectors like trading and manufacturing where Point of Sale efficiency is crucial, Simplebks excels with an intuitive interface that not only processes transactions but also integrates with inventory management systems. This real-time integration ensures that stock levels are automatically updated with each sale, providing immediate inventory insights.


Beyond streamlining operations, Simplebks offers actionable insights through comprehensive real-time reports covering sales, expenses, inventory levels, and staff performance. This allows for quick, data-driven decision-making.


Why is Simplebks the go-to solution for Inventory Management and Point of Sale in Nigeria’s SME sector? It’s straightforward: Simplebks combines a robust, user-friendly interface with features designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of doing business in Nigeria.

Take the Next Step for Your Business Today

To learn more or start your free trial, visit today. To sweeten the deal, we’re offering a 20% discount for new signups. Use the code “SIMPLEBKS4SME” at sign-up to claim this exclusive offer.

Make the Switch to Simplebks: Your Business Will Thank You

If you’re a store owner, run a supermarket, operate a fashion store, or are in manufacturing, don’t miss out on optimizing your business with Simplebks. We even offer seamless migration assistance for those currently using other solutions. Don’t wait, make the switch to Simplebks and elevate your business to the next level.


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