Revolutionizing the Music Industry: A&R Duty and Soundhalla Partner to Empower Independent Artists


Africa’s leading A&R company, A&R Duty is expanding its artists and repertoire services globally by partnering with Sound Halla, an Artist funding and advances platform with operations in Nigeria to create a more strategic impact on the African entertainment sector.

The music industry Landscape is facing one of the biggest crises to date “Funding” A&R Duty says it has teamed up with Soundhalla to discover, access, nurture and invest in talents. Whether you are an independent artist or an established musician, A&R this partnership will help you showcase your art and reach a wider audience. We understand the importance of having enough financial resources to create music and promote and monetize your work, and we want to help you do just that.

The company says that the new initiative builds on the success that A&R Duty is currently enjoying within the African entertainment scene in terms of redefining the culture of A&R services, creating an oasis of creativity where A&Rs connect and collaborate and training them on how to operate and navigate the intricacies of the music business and their careers.

SoundHalla on the other hand has been known to push funding support and offer advances to independent artists who do not have huge budgets to spend on the cost for their next music promotion, and marketing and also retain ownership of their arts.

Babatunde Makinde Wiliams the Founder and Ceo of A&R Duty said:

The partnership between Soundhalla and A&R Duty will bring about a number of benefits for both artists and investors. Artists who receive funding from the soundhalla platform can use it to develop their craft, expand their fanbase, or even record an album. As a result of this investment in music industry talent, there will be increased collaboration among artists as well as new opportunities for them to collaborate with other investors on Soundhalla’s platform. The partnership also benefits investors by providing them with access to high-quality content from emerging and established artists alike. Investors can choose which projects they want to invest in based on their own tastes rather than relying solely on what’s popular at any given moment; this allows them more freedom when deciding where they want their money going (and how much).

As a result of this partnership, Soundhalla will be able to provide its users with increased access to resources and opportunities. Artists who are looking for an A&R team can now turn to Soundhalla for help in finding one that fits their needs.

Soundhalla CEO, David Igbokwe, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with A&R Duty. Their vast knowledge and experience in the music industry will be invaluable to our artists. We’re confident that this collaboration will open up new doors and opportunities for independent artists.”

The partnership between A&R Duty and Soundhalla is expected to have a significant impact on the music industry, providing a much-needed boost to independent artists. With A&R Duty’s guidance and support, coupled with Soundhalla’s advances, artists will be empowered to take control of their careers and achieve their dreams.

As the partnership continues to grow, Soundhalla and A&R Duty will continue to collaborate on new projects. The two companies are also looking into expanding their reach into other markets and leveraging technology as a way to do so.

Farotimi Damilare, Artist Relations Director for A&R Duty added:

The partnership between Soundhalla and A&R Duty is a win-win for both parties. For Soundhalla, it opens up new opportunities for collaboration and growth. For A&R Duty, it provides access to resources that we wouldn’t otherwise have been able to access.

The partnership will Increase collaboration between artists and producers through shared projects Increased exposure for all involved parties (artists, producers & labels) More opportunities for growth

The partnership between A&R Duty and Soundhalla is a significant step forward in the music industry. By combining forces, They can provide artists with more opportunities to succeed and help them reach their goals. This is excellent news for both parties involved, but it’s even better for fans who love listening to new music!

I’m excited about what this partnership means for our future as an Independent A&R Company. We’ve always been committed to helping our clients succeed at whatever cost necessary and now that includes making sure they have access to funding on the Soundhalla platform
We’re looking forward to working together on many projects in 2023 and beyond!

To find out more about A&R Duty and how to hire A&Rs, visit their website:


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