Leczy – Testimony ft. Peeray & C Bryan (Off The Genesis Ep)


Leczy - Testimony ft. Peeray & C Bryan
Leczy – Testimony ft. Peeray & C Bryan

Leczy drops his first ever EP titled ‘The Genesis’

This self-explanatory title, meaning ‘ the beginning ‘ is a 7 track project with back-to-back hits that will introduce the different layers of Leczy’s sound to the masses.
With hits such as BraceForTakeOff, Hustle and Your Body, fans are going to love the new music from the EP. The lead single off the EP is titled Testimony which features his signees,
 “Testimony” is a powerful and emotional song that serves as a personal declaration or narrative about one’s life journey or experiences. It often highlights personal growth, resilience, and triumph over challenges or hardships.
 The song begins with a captivating melody and thought-provoking lyrics that draw the listener in, setting the stage for a soulful and heartfelt performance. The artist’s vocals vary from soft and emotional to powerful and intense, conveying the depth of their emotions and the significance of their testimony. Throughout the song, the artists share personal stories, lessons learned, and important moments that have shaped their life. Musically, “Testimony” features a diverse range of instrumentation, blending elements of the Afrobeats genre to create a unique sound.
It also incorporates elements RnB. Overall, “Testimony” aims to inspire listeners and encourage them to reflect on their own lives and experiences. It serves as a reminder that everyone has their own story to tell and that our trials and triumphs shape us into who we are today.
1. Brace For Takeoff ft Olatop Ekula
2. Another Day x King Perryy
3. Hustle ft Zatan
4. Testimony x Peeray x C Bryan
5. Temptation
6. Your Body ft Berri Tiga
7. My Desire
Listen and share below HERE

DOWNLOAD Leczy – Testimony ft. Peeray & C Bryan


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