KingMIC teases fans with upcoming single “Careless” as Prelude to his much Anticipated EP “38”


As the anticipation swells for Afrobeats buzzing artist, KingMIC upcoming body of work 38, he teases his ever-supportive fans with a prelude—his latest single, “Careless.”

Careless,” a title that carries a weight of intrigue, beckons audiences into the avant-garde realm that KingMIC meticulously crafts his music in. With a multifaceted persona and a distinctive sound—a fusion of Afrobeats, hip-hop, and pop, KingMIC reels on.

Born Michael Oladosu, his previous buzzing singles, including “Bamidele,” “Waiting For You,” and the infectious “HAAA,” has solidified his position as an artist to be reckoned with, setting the stage for the highly anticipated release of “Careless”.

The upcoming single, “Careless”, is more than a mere offering a tantalizing glimpse into the sonic loom that KingMIC weaves his sound in. Known for infectious melodies, soul-stirring lyrics, and hooks that linger, KingMIC promises an immersive auditory experience that transcends the ordinary.

The title itself invites speculation—does “Careless” signify a carefree celebration of life and moments, or does it delve into the nuanced consequences of relinquishing control? In the enigmatic world of KingMIC, the answers are likely to be as nuanced as the artist himself, which adds an extra layer of anticipation to the impending release.

What elevates the significance of “Careless” is its role as a precursor to the grand unveiling of “38” EP. The title alone is a cryptic puzzle piece—what does “38” symbolize in KingMIC musical lexicon? Is it a metaphor, a chronological marker, or a symbolic cypher waiting to be deciphered? As fans await the single, the promise of “38” EP adds a rush to the unfolding narrative.

Collaboration has been a recurring motif in KingMIC musical journey, as underscored in our prior exploration. Notably, he has joined forces with industry heavyweights such as Orezi and Terry Apala, injecting his art with diverse influences.

Whatever the case may be, KingMIC aims to remain a vanguard in the music scene, and “Careless” and eventually, “38” is poised to be a testament to his continued evolution as an artist.


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