Iyanya Stole My Song & Lyrics— Eclais


Undoubtedly, plagiarism is a prevailing issue in the Nigerian music industry, and a recent case implicates Iyanya.

Eclais Tender, a Canadian Afrobeat artist, known by her stage name Eclais, who released her single “AWAY” in early September 2023, took to Instagram to accuse Iyanya of song theft.


Eclais, both celebrated by her fans in Nigeria and beyond, rarely resorts to calling out her fellow artists on social media. She predominantly focuses on promoting her music and advancing her career.

Eclais’s “AWAY” quickly gained immense popularity, dominating various social media platforms, radio, and television both in Nigeria and Canada, accumulating over half a million downloads. The song is undeniably a phenomenal hit.

In her Instagram page, she wrote

 “IYANYA, You not only stole my song but also the lyrics and even the title of the song. SMH. Iyanya pls next time you want to steal or copycat be original, 

Let’s hope justice prevails for Eclais in this matter.


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