How to Resolve an Invalid iTunes Gift Card


There used to be a time when you’ll consider a lot of things before buying someone a gift, and you had to physically go to a store to shop for anything.


Gifts can now be purchased online. Just place an order for the gift online, and it will be delivered to the loved one you are getting for. There will be no stress, no queues, and no traffic jams.

You can choose the right book, movie, music, app, or TV show if you possess unique gift cards like the iTunes card. As a result, the iTunes gift card is one of the most popular cards available for purchase.


Since nothing is perfect, the iTunes card will occasionally develop problems that will need to be resolved, whether you are the provider or the receiver. We’ve described some of the most common problems with the iTunes card, as well as how to resolve them.


What does “Your iTunes Giftcard or code cannot be redeemed” mean

When a card or code is invalid, inactive, or from a different nation, this can happen.

If your iTunes card isn’t working, double-check that it’s an iTunes gift card, not an Apple Store gift card, as the two are frequently confused.


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What can you do?

  1. Manually enter your code or scan it with your Apple device (scanning is not available in every region)
  2. It’s possible that it wasn’t properly activated if it’s inactive. Returning to the retailer may resolve the problem.
  3. If you bought the gift card in a different country, you must use it in that same country to redeem it. 


If you’re still having trouble redeeming your card, you can provide the following information to the iTunes Support team:

  1. A front and back view of the card
  2. The date of purchase on the sales receipt, as well as the serial number of your gift card.

Wrapping Up

Your iTunes card can be used to purchase e-books, purchase apps, songs, and Apple Music subscriptions, among other things. As previously stated, you can use your iTunes card to purchase items from the iTunes Store, Apple App Store, Mac App Store, and Apple Book Store. You must be connected to the same Apple ID account that you used to redeem your code in order to use your credit. If you’re short on cash, you can, of course, sell your gift card on a reliable platform.


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