GLOxTheVillageHeadmaster Episode 31… A New Leadership


The 31st episode of the Globacom-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster, is set to usher in a new form of leadership in Oja Village. Let’s see how this plays out…


The selection process for the position of Iyalode has been completed and now it’s time for the unveiling of the successful candidate. An installation ceremony has been organised with the women of Oja, in all their finery, in attendance. In particular, Madam Folake was overjoyed as she believed she would be declared the new Iyalode of Oja Village. As the event rounded up, Kabiyesi proclaimed Chief Mrs Gabriella Ojonuga as the new Iyalode. The announcement left the women of Oja excited, except for Madam Folake who had gone around town celebrating her win, only to find out that it was not to be. Will Madam Folake accept Kabiyesi’s decision or will she fight for the position she believes is hers?



As the installation ceremony came to an end, Kabiyesi called for a meeting with his council members and chiefs, to discuss the invitation letter he had received from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The new Iyalode expressed her concerns about Kabiyesi making the long trip from Oja Village to respond to the government’s summons, while Chief Dagbolu and Chief Eleyinmi argued about who was the right fit to go on behalf of Kabiyesi. However, Kabiyesi, who seems interested in the invitation, decides to go on the trip with Chief Eleyinmi present to assist him where necessary. It would be interesting to find out what the government has in store for the people of Oja Village. Guess we’ll just have to watch and see how the meeting turns out.


After finishing his rounds on the wards, Doctor Kunle receives an unexpected visit from Doctor Smart, a colleague from his medical school days. It soon became apparent that Doctor Smart’s visit was more than just a social one. Doctor Smart shares his plans to migrate to another country and offer up his assets for sale. Doctor Kunle restates his intention to continue working in Nigeria, but showed interest in the assets put up for sale. However, his interests waned when the asking price and the payment structure proved too difficult for him to achieve.


Armed with the news of Doctor Kunle’s challenges, as shared by Madam Gbeke, Lakunle meets with Prince Adeniyi to plan out how this information can be used to finally get the doctor out of Teacher Ese’s life. But will Prince Adeniyi agree with the plan and offer to assist the doctor? And if the Prince offers, will Doctor Kunle accept his assistance and proceed with the purchase of these assets?



Following a review of the Headmaster’s proposal for the school excursion, the School Management Committee (SMC) invited him to commend him as the planned trip embodies valued cultural and historical elements. There were some concerns expressed by the SMC regarding the excursion, including security issues, cost implications, and parental approval, but the Headmaster was able to alleviate those concerns by putting in place several measures to handle the situation. Will these measures be enough to convince the SMC to approve his proposal?


Don’t miss out on the all-new episode 31! Be among the first to watch this exciting new episode on NTA from 8 pm – 9 pm on Sundays; AIT on Wednesdays from 9 pm – 10 pm; and WAP TV on Fridays, from 8 pm – 9 pm.

Globacom proudly sponsors the Village Headmaster. Catch some of the missed hilarious highlights on Globacom’s social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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