GLOxTheVillageHeadmaster Episode 19 … A Cheerful Giver Or A Masked Face?


The Village Headmaster, the Glo-sponsored drama series, is set to air its 19th episode this week.

In episode 18, Councillor Lakatabu shared his aspirations and secret plans with Madam Folake. In this new episode, after receiving a call from Mazi Chinedu, it seems the cat has been let out of the bag. Councillor Lakatabu can be seen complaining bitterly to his assistant as he thought his cousin, Madam Folake, had spread the news of his secret plans with Mazi Chinedu. Would he discover the source of the leaked secret or continue to hold Madam Folake in contempt? Perhaps, he would find out it was Madam Gbeke, aka “Small Radio Oja” who was responsible for spreading his plans. It’s left to be seen if he would maintain the business arrangement he proposed with Madam Folake or seek out another partner.

The people of Oja Village are enthralled with the generosity of Councillor Lakatabu as he distributes relief items to the community as a sign of his goodwill. His philanthropic act begins to make waves, and soon enough, he is summoned to the palace and queried for not following the due process of sharing items within the village. While apologising for his actions, a heated conversation ensued between Councillor Lakatabu and Councillor Kogberegbe and allegations were thrown all around.  Could the allegations levelled by both parties reveal some sort of shady dealings or are they more of a personal nature?

As things spiral back to normalcy in Oja Village following the Coronavirus lockdown, the people eagerly look forward to the relief items promised to them by the government. It appears that Chief Eleyinmi’s fears have come true, as the relief items have not yet been delivered to the people of Oja Village. A council meeting has been called for by the Kabiyesi to investigate the issue and Councillor Kogberegbe has been put on the spot as he was charged with the task of ensuring that Oja Village received its share of the relief items. There’s no telling what happened to the relief items. We’ll just have to watch Iyaloja is gearing for another round of disagreement with Mazi Chinedu as she claims he has been undermining her sales by selling his products at an unbelievably cheaper rate than hers. Iyaloja threatens to expose the fact that he stocks up his shop from an illegal source if he does not sell at a price that would favour both businesses. Mazi Chinedu on the other hand insists that since his sources are legal, he alone can determine the prices at which he would sell. We may not have heard the last of the disagreement between these two, so be sure to watch out for how events will play out.

and see if the truth will be discovered.

Don’t miss out on the all-new episode 19! Be among the first to watch this exciting new episode on NTA from 8 pm – 9 pm on Sundays; AIT on Wednesdays from 9 pm – 10 pm; and WAP TV on Fridays, from 8 pm – 9 pm.

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