Emperor like Hon Moshood Mustapha isn’t bigger than the party, he should proceed on suspension for glaring anti-party activities


Emperor like Hon Moshood Mustapha isn’t bigger than the party, he should proceed on suspension for glaring anti-party activities..
His presence at Kogi PDP rally says much about where he belongs
It’s our obligation to save the party from his horror fingertips.
It’s pertinent at this time to take the bull by the horn after months of patience and of being peace-loving All Progressives Congress party members in Alanamu Central ward on many anti-party activities of Hon Moshood Mustapha..
Since the party convention was held, Hon Moshood Mustapha hasn’t make himself available for the party in his homestead in Alanamu and in Ilorin West Local Government for once but always finance anything that will cause disunity among the party members, part of those insidious acts was his recent directive given to his Political forum head Alh Muyideen Ikolaba to write a misleading and baseless letter suspending a State Secretary of the Party and even proceeding to court to procure an injunction all with the aim to destabilize the party in Alanamu ward.
In Alanamu ward, we have a lot of party Stalwarts who have been working effortlessly in positioning the party towards the electoral victory but we are bold to say that Hon Moshood Mustapha is yet to participate in a single activity of the party in the ward or even local Government, the statement is always that I am too big to sit with these people..
On the 14th of January, the whole political space in the country witnessed how Hon Moshood Mustapha joined the opposition bigwigs including his former principal BUKOLA Saraki at Kogi PDP Presidential rally to campaign for the opposition Presidential Candidate while claiming to be an APC chieftain in the State, though we understand his political mechanism to be like that of an emperor who does see himself ahead of every other person..
Hon Moshood Mustapha in particular also in many times declared to his political element that he isn’t working for the party Presidential Candidate Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his dispositions has also shown that he is not committed to the re-election bid of our excellent Governor Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq whose administration have benefited the people in term of infrastructural development, Political appointments and other patronage, we can’t fold our alms and let him put the party in disarray especially as we are closer to Election.
It’s disheartening that a stakeholder like him can abandon his homestead where he is causing ripples and claiming to be a cornerstone outside where his presence isn’t needed at this critical time; he is bent in seeing the party to a loss in Ilorin West and Alanamu ward, in this occurrence we the committed members of the party is working Fervently towards the success of the party.
We are unperturbed by his political antics for we have also seen his political element romancing the SDP house of assembly candidate as against party Candidate for the same position; the party is fast becoming a laughing stock.
After several calls to him that yielded no positive response, as a result, the executive and members of the party in Alanamu Central ward declared Hon Moshood Mustapha Partnership as unprogressive and thereby call for his suspension forthwith.
Hon. Abubakar Babatunde
Acting chairman
Comrade Ibrahim Jawondo
Legal Adviser


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