Celebrating Creativity: Spotlight on Mendoo


Hailing from Abia State, Nigeria, Enyineme Chidera Kelvin popularly known for his stage name Mendoo is a talented musician and artist whose passion for music has captivated audiences in Nigeria and around the world. Born on 18th August 2000, he showed an early aptitude for music, being a chorister in secondary school at a young age and immersing himself in the world of melodies and rhythms.

After years of practice and dedication, Mendoo honed his craft and began composing original music that reflected his unique style and influences. Drawing inspiration from musical genres, personal experiences, cultural heritage E.t.c, he developed a sound that is both innovative and deeply resonant.

MENDOO rose to prominence in the music scene with his hit single SAPA ft Hugo P, which received critical acclaim for its lyrics, infectious beats and unique vocals. Since then, he have released several successful Singles, each showcasing his evolution as an artist and musician.

Known for his electrifying live performances, Mendoo has graced the stages of renowned venues and music festivals, captivating audiences with his dynamic presence and raw talent. He have also collaborated with other artists, producers, and musicians, expanding his creative horizons and pushing the boundaries of his artistry.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Mendoo is also actively involved in charitable work, social causes, creative projects, etc., using his platform to make a positive impact on the world. His dedication to both his art and philanthropy has earned him the admiration and respect of fans and peers alike.

When they are not in the studio crafting new melodies, Mendoo enjoys hobbies or interests outside of music, finding inspiration in nature, travel, literature, etc. His passion for music and creativity shines through in every note, resonating with listeners and leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

MENDOO is an independent artist and is under the management of Vibez Nation & DexVibes.

Mendoo currently resides in Lagos and maintains an apartment in Enugu. He shuffles between both cities as he continues to create new music projects that speaks to the soul and inspires others to embrace the power of art and expression as he performs at concerts and shows, and stay in touch with his fan base.


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