Between Peter Obi And Yemi Osinbajo


Election year is a few months away and governance has been put on hold as many governors, ministers, etc have stopped working to focus on the coming election.

They were seen traveling to London to meet with Buhari when he went on a medical journey (as usual) and now that he’s back, Abuja is their new home.

For the forthcoming coming election, many have declared their intention to run for the office of choice but I’ll be focusing on the Presidential ticket now. There are two main political parties as we all know, the ruling party ALL PEOPLE’S CONGRESS (APC), and the opposition party PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY (PDP).

Without trying to pamper words or deceive ourselves, we all know that either of these parties will produce the next president of Nigeria. There are several other parties though, according to INDEPENDENT ELECTORAL COMMISSION (INEC) there are 18 registered political parties. For this writing, only 2 parties will be focused on.

In the APC, After months of speculation, the national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, on January

11th, 2022, formally declared his intention to run for the country’s number one office in 2023, immediately after that, we have other members of the party and members of other parties declare to run. One thing that surprised me however was the fact that when Tinubu left the country or whenever he was not rigorously campaigning, no one seemed to want to campaign. There were so many permutations as to if the National Chairman of the party was zoned to the North, the presidential ticket automatically will be zoned to the south. This only means one thing, the presidential candidate will either come from the Southwest, south-south, or southeast. So, if Tinubu was seen to have been very loud about his ambition to become the next president, under the party, it’s safe to say he would be given the ticket as the custom of APC is, always by consensus. Also, there were no worthy candidates at that time.

On the 23rd of March, AtikuAbubakar declared to run under the umbrella of PDP. It was expected. PDP however, was in a long hurdle as to whether to Zone the presidential slot or just leave it open. While this was going on, on the 24th of March, Peter Obi, an ex-governor of Anambra state declared his intention to run under PDP also. People online were quick to switch to his side.

Peter Obi


On April 11th, 2022, Vice president YemiOsinbajo declared his intention to run for the seat of the president. This caused a lot of back and forth as some quarters called him a betrayal because he’ll be competing against his boss, AsiwajuTinubu who had earlier declared.

Yemi Osinbajo

As far as this writer is concerned, the best candidate for the office of the president of this country is Peter Obi and YemiOsinbajo.

Peter has been tested and trusted. He did wonders in Anambra and even left over N7Billion in the state’s treasury.

For Osinbajo, we know whenever is boss, Buhari is incapacitated to work and allowed to catch on, he always performed wonders.

Peter Obi and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo

The main questions now are:

1. Can APC give the ticket to Osinbajo?

2. Can PDP support OBi and make him the candidate for the party?

3. Can both Peter and Yemi come together to work as President and Vice President respectively?

These and many more questions are running through my mind and the minds of millions of Nigerians.

What is your take?

Writers Details:

Idowu Adetokunbo Taiwo. is a freelance writer with an interest in sports, politics, music, movies, fashion, food, dogs, cars, etc.





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