3GAR – Beyond Summer


3GAR - Beyond Summer
3GAR – Beyond Summer

Rising talent Semiu Abdullahi Olaitan, popularly known as 3gar, releases his latest single, “Beyond Summer.” The track, born from a beachside moment of inspiration, beautifully fuses contemporary and early 2000s sounds. “Beyond Summer” not only celebrates the joys of summer and festivities but also eternal love, sparked by the sight of an elderly couple.

“Beyond Summer” encapsulates the essence of the season, leaving listeners nostalgic yet uplifted. With its soothing melody, 3gar’s musical prowess shines, appealing to diverse age groups.
“I was on the beach and saw an old couple enjoying themselves. That sparked the idea of a song that transcends generations, something couples can groove to effortlessly,” shares 3gar.

“Beyond Summer” is an invitation to cherish the timeless essence of love and celebration during summer time. Its melodies evoke nostalgia while remaining relevant, illustrating that love transcends eras, leaving you looking forward to the next summer time.

Listen and Enjoy!



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