21 Years Old Fast Rising Artist Emaxee leads a community of creatives


2022 has been a successful year for creatives across Africa, unraveling a significant number of new talents and globalising Afrobeats and African creativity. Undoubtedly, the land is blessed and fertile and 2022 poses as the harvest time for many artists. We have experienced an upsurge in new sounds, and redefined and refined African-made talents are causing the world to move closer, to find what it is that makes a place, like Nigeria, dominate the global creative scene. The new cool kids are treading the paths too; they are representing Africa and Nigeria’s heritage worldwide.

Now, the business looks more serious. Our ears are exposed to new sounds, and great talents, and our eyes haven’t stopped to see new creativity blow up in this space. However, the stories behind the scene are always different, poles aside, and maybe sometimes, inspiring. How these new sounds sprout like a sunflower meeting the sunrise has never followed any particular pattern. We only just hear one thing: keep doing it, keep pushing, and the world will hear you one day. Maybe that sounds like a rule; nonetheless, to become known, there are too many ways and even the next person does not know how. 

Simply put: There Are No Rules To This

Regardless of the absence of patterns to stardom, one truth has been consistent in the creative industry. There are platforms and avenues that are solid bedrock for limelight. For the thriving artists and creatives, who will put them on? (enters… cosamote).

Emaxee, with a consistent upward trajectory as a sound god, colour mastermind, and design intellect, creates music that reflects reality, explains emotions, and relates to just not him, but almost everyone passing through life at this stage. Also, Emaxee, a 21-year-old young artist, curates creativity and creatives at COSAMOTE, by creating a working platform that connects sound to colours, to motion, to ideas, and then, to the world. While he believes ‘there are no rules’ to life and achieving success, Emaxee is not blind to the importance of platform and right network to success. His ideas and feelings as explained in his about-to-be released EP – There Are No Rules To This – as a boy seeking light by breaking the rules. While life has no pattern to it, being open to experience and seeking self-discovery is fulfilling. Emaxee believes in finding more and doing more. Thus, he presents his new project: There Are No Rules To This.

In a way to do more, he leads creatives at COSAMOTE, to connect artists to creatives and unanimously work together to create art that reaches its targeted audience. COSAMOTE is a creative community with a wide-ranging reach to any form of creatives that artists and brands need to deliver their brand to their targeted audience. 

While checking out COSAMOTE on all platforms, be in the mood today and listen to There Are No Rules To This by Emaxee.


Written by Jimoh Shamsudeen.


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