Venture Garden Group – Nurturing FinTech Startups


FinTech is steadily growing across the African continent. FinTech startups account for more than 30% of the entire venture funding in African countries. The number of Africans owning mobile money accounts is increasing daily. It is estimated that almost 25% of adults in Sub-saharan Africa operate mobile money accounts.

Venture Garden Group is quietly doing big things in the FinTech industry and is now getting the much needed recognition. Venture Garden Group has its origins in Nigeria but has extended its reach and is backing startups in other African countries. Venture Garden Group takes pride in being labeled the “audacious dream makers and bold transformers.”

Venture Garden Group, a company valued at $60 million, and is suspected to be at $221 000 more, simplifies payment processing while using data analytics to transform African FinTechs. Bunmi Akinyemiju, the CEO of Venture Garden Group in an interview with our correspondent, stated that the impact of the Venture Garden Group can be felt in sectors such as aviation, power, education and even within the government. He and his partner, Olufemi Olukunmi Demurenalso, opined that VGG will be a major partner in emerging African markets. The two financial tech tycoons are the founders of VGG and major investment partners of RemX Capital Ltd, home to OIT Africa, which is owned by Eghosasere Nehikhare.

“Greenhouse Capital is the venture capital arm of Venture Garden Group” said Bunmi “Greenhouse Capital is open to financing startups in Finance, Agriculture and Technology”.

Greenhouse Capital has invested in a lot of Kenyan and Nigerian startups with powerful platforms, like RentSource, an ambitious startup doing solar energy pay-as-you-go systems, which is a logistics/delivery type of company, and Helium a startup doing healthcare automation for hospitals.






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