GLOxTheVillageHeadmaster Episode 44… Enchantment


There’s a quote that says “aim for the moon, if you miss, you may hit a star” and Prince Adeniyi might just be the ‘star’ in Princess Adenike’s story, as the Glo-sponsored drama series, The Village Headmaster, enters its 44th episode.

In a stunning turn of events, Princess Adenike has arrived at the Kabiyesi’s palace in Oja Village, with a proposal that’s bound to cause some commotion. She wants to marry Prince Adeniyi, but when the Kabiyesi tells her that the timing is all wrong because the Prince is already in love with someone else, the Princess refuses to take no for an answer. She discovers that the Prince’s love interest, Teacher Ese, is not from a royal or noble family, and this only fuels her determination to win him over. With her own royal blood and charm, can Princess Adenike win the Prince’s heart, or does she have more under her sleeves? Could this sudden interest in Prince Adeniyi be just another step in a much bigger plan – perhaps her return to the throne of Jebako or her rise to the throne of Oja Village?


Meanwhile, Teacher Ese remains unbothered as whispers of a possible love interest between the Prince and Princess Adenike begin to circulate. Confident in the strength of her relationship with Prince Adeniyi, Teacher Ese brushes off the rumors, but little does she know that love can be unpredictable. Will this rumored relationship cause a rift between Prince Adeniyi and Teacher Ese, or will their love stand the test of time?

Love or obsession? Izu’s infatuation with Teacher Ese seems to know no bounds as he trails her every move with unwavering determination, even in the face of her repeated rejections.  With the threat of a possible love story brewing between Princess Adenike and Prince Adeniyi, will Izu’s persistence finally pay off and get him that opportunity with Teacher Ese? Or will his unrelenting pursuit cause more trouble than it’s worth?


Tension continues to rise over the construction of a mast on Chief Dagbolu’s land, as he refuses to back down on his demand for the company to evacuate his land. In response to his demand, Kabiyesi and the company offered Chief Dagbolu 5 million naira per annum for the land. He rejected this offer and made a counter offer; he demanded for the sum of 10 million naira and if payment was not made, he would be taking the case to court. But is he just concerned about preserving his land, or does he have a hidden agenda?


Don’t miss out on the all-new episode 44! Be among the first to watch this exciting new episode on NTA from 8 pm – 9 pm on Sundays; AIT on Wednesdays from 9 pm – 10 pm; and WAP TV on Fridays, from 8 pm – 9 pm.

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