“All my songs are moments-inspired, my new project is a confirmation” – TEEMIRROR


Fast-rising Afrobeat star TeeMirror has finally released his long-awaited debut EP, “WWW:WDD”. The EP features four tracks and two bonuses, and is a reflection of TeeMirror’s personal experiences and emotions.

In an exclusive interview, TeeMirror revealed that the title of the EP, “WWW:WDD,” is an abbreviation for “What works works : what doesn’t doesn’t.” He explained that the phrase was divinely inspired and brought him healing during a difficult emotional time. “It’s a reminder that life is full of ups and downs, and we should focus on what works for us and let go of what doesn’t,” TeeMirror said.

The tracklist for the EP includes “Na Lie,” “Stress Away,” “God when (Giveaway),” and “Better by far.” TeeMirror’s unique sound and style are evident in each track, with elements of Afrobeat, AFROFusion, and cultural influences. As bonus, TEEMIRROR also added a Wazobia remix to his worldwide hit “DAILY2K” featuring Morell x Chaplett just as a spice in the project.

TeeMirror describes himself as a moments-inspired artiste, and all the songs on the EP were inspired by his personal experiences. He believes that music should be a reflection of life and that he has a responsibility to use his platform to inspire and uplift others. “My music is not just about entertainment, it’s about creating a positive impact in the world,” TeeMirror said.

TeeMirror’s debut EP has been highly anticipated by his fans, who he affectionately calls “Reflecktors”. They believe that his unique sound and moments-inspired approach to music set him apart from other musicians in the industry. “TeeMirror is not just a musician, he’s a storyteller. His music is relatable, and it speaks to the heart,” one fan said.

As TeeMirror’s star continues to rise, it’s clear that he is poised for great success in the music industry. His moments-inspired approach to music and commitment to creating positive change have already won him a dedicated fan base, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented artist.


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